HonaMail Moving service

Did you know HonaMail offers a furniture delivery service?

Purchase furniture from any local furniture retailer and a HonaMail representative can deliver the furniture to your home or office.

You can trust that the HonaMail staff will take special care of shipping your furniture.

Simply call HonaMail to schedule the pick-up and delivery option that works best for your busy lifestyle.

Furniture pick-ups cannot be scheduled online.

Our Services

HonaMail is partnering with retail stores to make shopping a whole lot easier. When a HonaMail customer purchases an item from a store online and needs an in store pick-up, s/he can choose to have HonaMail pick-up and deliver the item from the store to their home.

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  • How HonaMail Works?

    HonaMail provides customers with two different shipping options. With Regular Service shipping, a staff member will pick up your shipment and it will be delivered to its final destination at any time within a 24 hour period. With Xpress Service shipping your item will be picked up and immediately go from your house to its destination. For both services, customers can choose to either have their shipment picked up by a HonaMail representative or drop it off at the HonaMail office. The shipment can be pre-wrapped or unwrapped. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!